Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Winds of Change???

The new government of Nepal, led by the Maoist party, is beginning to make it's mark. It's far too early to draw finite conclusions but there are some indications that the wind of change are blowing in my home away from home.

The government is making efforts to deport undocumented Tibetans for the very first time.

Members of the Maoist army have entered the parliament building adorned with automatic weapons in order to provide 'security' to constituent assembly members.

The Miss Nepal pageant has been cancelled following complaints that the pageant discriminated against women of darker skin and shorter stature.

There has been a crackdown in activities in dance bars, etc.

The state-run Trust Corporation, overseeing cultural affairs, appointed the new Kumari, or living goddess. In the past, Kumari was chosen by the head priest of the monarchy, now abolished.

Government officials have reached out to the rogue government of Iran to establish "closer" relations.

An infusion of money from China into the Nepalase Army.

The launch of another armed youth force, this time by the Nepali Congress, to join the YCL (Maoist) and one by the UML.

My friends in Nepal are not yet experiencing an improvement in basic services such as sanitation, petrol availability, road conditions, or healthcare.

Stay tuned.


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