Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The First Domino to Fall

Erin Jones broke the spell. She was the first domino to fall. The first of thirty. Erin left Little Rock this week to return to Chicago before embarking on her Clinton School International Public Service Project in India. Jay Thompson's domino topples soon after, on Saturday. Next week, Carly leaves for New York, Chance for Denver. The dominos fall very quickly after that.

And here's the thing: We will NEVER be together again.

Most would quality my proclamation by saying we'll be together at graduation, but I'm going to bet that someone decides to forego the walk across the stage.

We will NEVER be together again.

The spell has been unravelling for some time. People sniping at each other in the way that people do when they know they have to let go. Well, to be honest, we don't all always like each other, but the spell has been magical nonetheless. You see, being a grad student at the Clinton School of Public Service is an extraodinarily intense experience. We were thrown together in a total immersion experience: of academics, public programs, special events, volunteer projects, theme parties, happy hours, student sessions with speakers. During the first semester I told my classmates: "Be the Clinton School." "This isn't grad school, it's a lifestyle!"

We were together all.the.time. And now it's over. ***SIGH***

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