Sunday, August 3, 2008

Last weekend we celebrated Carly's birthday in both American and Nepali styles. The Kathmandu Three went upscale to a resort called Park Village took in a little poolside sunbathing and massage therapy.
The next morning we walked up to see the Sleeping Vishnu. Vishnu is asleep on a bed of snakes in a pool and it that it is a forbidden place for all kings and monarchs (something about being struck dead if they visit.) Each morning the faithful visit and place gifts at Vishnu's feet - marigolds, rice, incense.

From there, Carly and Molly headed back to the pool, while I hiked up to through the Shivapuri National Forest to Nambe Gompa, a Buddhist nunnery. From there I had the loveliest view of the Kathmandu Valley. Of course, along the way, several Nepali people stopped me to talk and make sure I wasn't lost. Two guys, along with their nephews walked with me into the National Park to make sure I knew which turn to take. They offered to walk with me all the way. In America, I would have been very wary of their offer. In Nepal, NAH. It's the way it is here and it's why, I keep telling you, over and over, this is the place to be if you want to reclaim your humanity and have your heart cracked wide open by the affection of fellow human beings.
Upon our Sunday night return, The Mulepati family - our guesthouse hosts - helped throw a birthday party with traditional Nepali food and RACHSI - homemade whisky. We also had the yummy chocolate banana cake from our local Snowman Cafe. Here's the birthday gang!


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