Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dealing with the the Darkness

I thought you might find some of the suggestions for dealing with load-shedding humorous...from the Himalayan Times.

Ten ways to lighten you up on stark, dark days

The new load-shedding schedule has caused much distress among people. Mindless timing schedule resulting in negative reactions from people is justifiable, though there are things, which we can to do to combat this dark vortex, which will only get worse with the passage of time.
We at The Himalayan Times have 10 suggestions to remain sane in the maelstrom we call “load-shedding”.
•Generation Y can spend quality and “quantity” time (12 hours of load-shedding) at home with family, as other places are sure to be enveloped in darkness.
•For the romantics, candle-lit settings are a perfect way to have dinner on nights when the
power is off from 8pm-2am (thrice a week).
•People can have a bon-fire on their terraces or lawns with a scrumptious barbeque to beat the load-shedding.
•Happier days ahead for husbands, as their wives will not be stuck in the routine saas-bahu rut. No hang-ups as to who will watch television when.
•Kids can get away with not doing their homework and have a plausible excuse not to study. Parents please note that it is imperative that you keep emergency lights at home if you want your children to study.
•With barely enough time to charge your mobile phones, you can watch movies at the cinema hall without your cellphone disturbing you in the middle of a racy scene.
•You can avoid a bath and get away with it. Others will smell just the same, if not worse.
•Married women can finally find time to catch up on their reading, order grub or make instant food. The mothers-in-law will definitely understand.
•You can sit out and gaze at stars, they are much more clearly visible in winters and if you are lucky you may see a few shooting stars. This can be immensely romantic.
•Last, but not the least, read The Himalayan Times back to back. We are really informative and entertaining.


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