Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Shift

After discussions with a few of my Nepali business friends I've decided to shift the tone of this blog. In their opinion, the negative press that comes out of Nepal builds a misperception among their partners abroad and hurts their export business.

From the major news sources, the world only hears about what's wrong in Nepal with the government, services, security, etc. The blogosphere is also a place that is full of rants about the government and living conditions.Those stories are important and the world should hear them.

But what is right about Nepal far outweighs what is wrong, and I plan to talk more about that.

There are so many bright, funny, creative, talented, cultural people, places and things in Nepal. I'll have plenty to write about.

Of course, I won't be able to avoid the occasional rant against injustice. It's in my bones. But for every injustice there are people in Nepal fighting it in creative ways so I'll strive to balance the challenges with the solutions.

Stay tuned!!!

p.s. I've added a link (in the right column) to a brand new site that keeps up with the Nepali news. It's superior to anything I've come across to date.
The name is Nepal Watch ( )

Shout out to my friend Sanjay Amatya for this site!


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