Monday, January 19, 2009

Shifting Again

My plan to only write positive things has been the murder of journalist Uma Singh. (more on this later)

Now I believe my job is to write a balanced blog about the many positive aspects of Nepal while reporting the troubling current state.

Because Nepal is both, really. A stunningly beautiful place, rich in culture and history yet continually challenged by a government in transition and a weakening of security and the rule of law.

I pray that she does not become a failed state.

There are too many wonderful people who would suffer and many of them I call friend.

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  1. abc said...
    :) hey Jules, beginning 2009, i was thinking of taking a rest from blogging…or only blog on positive things…n here u r going the opposite way…so, awakened from ‘exotic neapal’?

    hehehe…didn’t u hear Chairman Prachanda asking people to take violence positively? or would you shift from your ‘bourgeois’ Baluwatar residence again?

    anyway, continue blogging on yomaris, & momos…they’re delicious, n they give us hope.

    jai nepal!

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