Monday, May 11, 2009

Powertalks on the Image Channel

I'm so impressed.

A 28 year old powerhouse of initiative in Nepal, Santosh Shah, has debuted Powertalks - the only English talk show in Nepal. The assistant director and scripwriter is 18, the producer is 26 and the assistant producer is 22. At a time when some of the leaders and citizens of Nepal have only a myopic view of their own political chaose, these young leaders are presenting Nepal in its international context with the goal of integrating into the international community at a quicker than present pace.

Instead of playing Nepal's age-old blame game, these young people are interviewing world leaders about their own countries and regions and their views on Nepal.

How refreshing!

Since I'm still in the US, I'm watching what they post on as much as possible.

In Nepal, Powertalks can be found Image TV and on the radio at 97.9 nationwide and 103.6 in the Kathmandu Valley.

Tune in!

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  1. sthapit said...
    this is awesome - we were just watching it. a breath of fresh air for sure. not 100% professional but it's a great effort and has a ton of potential. plus they were able to get the Israeli ambassador on the show so that bodes well.

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