Monday, June 1, 2009

Friday evening I celebrated Sikka Nakha with my Newar family, the Mulepatis. On this day, the Newars usher in the monsoon season by cleaning their homes, courtyards, and sidewalks and by feasting on Wo, fried lintel bread, and Chatamari, Nepali pizza. Shanti is the best cook in the Valley...seriously. Of course, the evening ended with several rounds of rachsi...Newari liquor.

Today, is a Valley-wide bandh sponsored by the Newars who are rallying for an autonomous state. Everything is closed and all vehicles are banned. No violence though and I walked over to Yak and Yeti Enterprises to begin our jewelry design collaboration. Bandh BAH! I have legs!

I am also enjoying stalking someone's poetry. :-)


  1. Dipak Tuladhar said...
    The festival's name is Sithi Nakha सिथि नख:(not the Sikka Nukha). Thanks
    Jules West said...
    Ok, fixed the title...thanks!

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