Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ray Latimer's Pat Boone Sweater

Wednesday, August 8th

After the President's speech, my friend and classmate, Sanford Johnson, wrote to me: "Are you as excited about all this as I am!?!?!" Upon receiving his message the next morning I responded, "Are you kidding? Couldn't go to sleep, couldn't stay asleep. " And that's the truth.

It was tough to show up at work on Wednesday. Still riding the high of the previous evening, I had a hard time conjuring up any level or concern for matters at UAMS. The best thing that happened to me on Wednesday was this: Ray Latimer loaned me his father's Pat Boone sweater to help combat the chill in my office. The sweater was too far too big for me and the style was something "Mr. Robinson" would have worn in his neighborhood. But what an honor for me to wear that sweater. You see, I pretty much think Ray Latimer hung the moon. Ray is a med tech/geologist/law school alum/wordsmith/genius...with the most amazing sense of humor.

As evidence, I give you the photo of Ray taken at the 2005 Halloween costume contest where he won the title of "Most in Character"

Ray Latimer is one my favorite people.

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