Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Last night, members of Clinton School classes 2 & 3 blew it out at the Arkansas Trav's baseball game at the new Dickey-Stephens ballpark. Assorted faculty members were there as 'chaperones.' We overcame the ballpark seating nazi who didn't want us switching from assigned seats even though the ballpark was 2/3 empty. (It was only 100 degrees at game start!) The new stadium looks out across the Arkansas River and silver arc of the Broadway bridge to the Little Rock skyline. The crisp beauty of this new venue almost overcomes my longing for the quaintness of Ray Winder Field. Historical manager and current Executive VP of the Travs, Bill Valentine, is honored by a restaurant in his name. He certainly deserves that.

During the game, we were excited to cheer on the Hamburger Helper Toss, the T-shirt throw, the banana race and a few others I cannot recall at this time. Sanford won the top prize for continuous chatter (mostly in my left ear), and Lukman took the title of head cheerleader. Hunter came close, late in the game, to stealing Lukman's title.

In fact, it was Lukman's rousing of the crowd that spurred the Trav's four run rally in the 4th inning. We stayed until the 7th inning stretch, all singing 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame' loudly and a bit off-key. Certainly, the Clinton School group was the largest and best at the game. Another addition to our great start as School ambassadors.

All in all a great night of baseball, beer, rowdiness and fellowship.
And oh yeah...Arkansas Travs 4, San Antonio Missions 0.

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