Sunday, June 1, 2008

At the Movies: Old School

Yesterday Molly, Carly and I went to the movies with Moni and Monish Mulepati - part of our guest house family. The JaiNepal cinema is near the Royal Palace. We saw the English version of the latest Indiana Jones film. Our bags were searched at the doors. The theatre had stadium seating but no rocking chairs. People were taken to their seats by ushers with flashlights (remember those?) After watching a gazillion Bollywood trailers, a certificate of authencity flashed up on the screen. Bootlegging movies is big business here in South Asia so it seems there is some governmental regulation requiring the theatres to show this proof. We drank bottled lemonade and yes, had popcorn. There was even an old school intermission. At the end they cut off the credits after about 30 seconds and turned the lights on.

After the movie we found our way to Michael's Restaurant, a peaceful courtyard cafe with lots of trees. Did I mention that there are no trees in Kathmandu? Michael Frame was from the U.S. and started this restaurant after he fell in love with Nepal during his Peace Corps stint here. When we arrived Carly inquired about him and we were told that he passed away in the U.S. last week at the age of 68. In fact, they had just held a memorial service for him that very morning in Kathmandu. The three of us were humbled at the timing of our visit.

Rest in Peace Michael Frame. You done good.


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