Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today, it is final. The King, the Monarch, moved out of the royal palace. He addressed his former kingdom tonight via television for almost two hours. Important closure for the people...the address, that is.

From the Himalayan Times:

Nepal's ousted king Gyanendra today said that he decided to leave the Narayanhity Royal Palace honouring the people’s verdict. He also accepted the Constituent Assembly’s decision to implement the federal democratic republic in the country.Addressing mediapersons at Narayanhity Royal palace before leaving for Nagarjun, Gyanendra also said that he handed over his crown and sceptre to the Nepal government.

The new Republic of Nepal is still in the very formative stages but there has been progress made. The leaders of the various parties are actually collaborating and working out the responsibilities of the President and Vice-President, two new posts, and the remaining powers for the Prime Minister. All agree that the three posts should not be held by members of the same party as that would be against the people's mandate. It's been a peaceful transition far.


  1. Idonia L. Trotter said...
    Hey Julie,
    I am enjoying your posts immensely. So good to see you are doing well. The photos are beautiful also.

    PRASTABAKTA said...
    A few weeks down the line, have you not been proved so wrong with regard to your comment on the sharing of power by the parties?

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