Friday, February 6, 2009

The people of Nepal are good at many things but one thing they are VERY skilled at is making fun of their ridiculous government.

Now there is a facebook group that pokes fun at loadshedding. Here's their tongue-in-cheek approach to the ridiculousness of the current situation in Nepal.

Description: This is a global group of people who are fan of the loadshedding and enjoying the free time of 82 hrs in a week provided by the Nepal Electricity Authority. I am feeling proud to be in this group and want to congratulate all the fans of loadsheeding who are able to create 108 hrs free time in a week inspite of their busy routine.

To join this group, following criteria must be fullfilled.
1. Time spend in sleeping i.e. 108 hrs in a week is not enough.
2. Suffering from irritation due to the direct contact of the beam of light produced from bulb and tubes with the skin.
3. Suffering from serious Ear disease in which ears can't bear sounds from radio, music player and other electrical appliances as electric motor, vaccum cleaners and so on.
4. Eyes can not bear moving pictures in Televisions and computers....
5. Must have tradition of having Candle Night dinner every night.
6. Must have mobile which when called is replyed by a girl who always says one thing....'swithced off'.
7. Must have email ID which sends auto reply from Post Master.

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  1. tumpak said...
    thats one group i joined after seeing here. thanks for that.

    ---that group is an ironic way to laugh off my deepening frustrations.

    keep writing...


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