Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fortunate I am. I have heard Kutumba live - twice! They have a Facebook page with links to their music so go have a listen.

Quoting from their website (because they say it much more eloquently than i ever could):
"Committed to the research, preservation and celebration of the diversity that exists in indigenous Nepali music, Kutumba firmly believes that the richness in Nepali music is directly significant of the rich diversity that exists in the Nepali people. At a time when political and social attention is trained on recognizing differences and ensuring rights for our diverse groups of people, Kutumba sees the possibility of finding respect and identity through the medium of our indigenous music art forms.

As we struggle with this unique time period when we are looking inwards and fighting for rights, we also struggle with the larger forces of globalization when our youth find themselves exposed to global cultures packaged attractively by television and the media.

Between wanting to be the next big rock star and the pressures at home on asserting yourself culturally to be ‘more’ Nepali Kutumba feels now is a good time to reach out to young Nepalis and encourage them to find value, dignity and joy through the creative and stabilizing energy and beauty of their unique music art forms."


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