Sunday, February 8, 2009

Women ACT Nepal. Righteous.

Many of you know that I view some of the NGO activity in Nepal with a jaundiced eye.

There is, however, a very good organization working on women's empowerment - CEDPA. CEDPA = The Centre for Development and Population Activities. CEDPA has been helping women prepare to participate in the constitution writing and the new government in Nepal for the last two years. A Women and the Constitution workshop was held in February 2008 and the participants were inspired to form WomenACT (Women Acting Together for Transformative Change.)The WomenACT network has 36 NGO members working together to disseminate information and collaborate on the constitution-writing process.

In September, the group authored an important document to inform the crafting of the new constitution: A Charter for Women's Rights: Ensuring Equality through the Constitution in Nepal. The document is being used to hold the new government's feet to the fire during the writing of the new constitution.

If anyone can implement a powerful agenda for women it's this group. Go WomenAct Nepal!


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