Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fun in Birmingham, Fun in Nepal

Katie and I are having fun here in Birmingham on all of our adventures: grocery shopping a Publix - real grocery store (Kroger, hello!); cooking together; sharing wine preferences; finding detours around ever-present I65 traffic; taking me to World Market (WalMart, pleeeeeeeeeease let World Market into Arkansas), and today, hiking at Oak Mountain State Park. Tonight, we'll watch SNL, and maybe a movie or two, together.

Nepal, however, even with Katie near, is not far from my mind. I leave a week from Tuesday. I'm looking foward to my treks with Sudip and us working on our projects together. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will visit while I am there and I'll try to run into him. Also, the Asian Mountain Biking Championships open there on November 6th.

Mainly, I can't wait to see my friends there and hear "Namaste!" a hundred times each day.


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