Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hero: Mr. Lok Bandhu Karki

On December 7, 2004 when he quit teaching and started cycling…across Nepal…and then the world. The 32-year-old Nepalese has already covered 32 countries, and intends to cover 113 by the end of his world tour in 2013. He is currently in Kenya for three weeks before moving on to Tanzania (keep your eyes peeled James Mitchell!)

Why did Lok abandon his teaching career and start cycling? To promote peace and universal brotherhood after conflict erupted in Nepal. Even though his role as a teacher was important, he felt that his mission for peace could do more good for his country.

"I've always felt that although we are geographically and culturally divided, we are all human." To Lok, peace is the most important thing in the world. "The whole world needs long lasting peace and if we can plant seeds of peace in our people and governments, every human as well as all living things will surely get free, fearless, meaningful and holy live."

"So let's not give priority to theft, robbery, kidnap, rape, murder and terrorism."

"Courage keeps me going," he says of his worst experiences in a journey which has also been characterized by robbery in Thailand, Malaysia and Sudan.

Mr Lok's bicycle has three flags at any time: one for peace, another for Nepal and the third for the country he is visiting.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Jaya Nepal , Mr. Lok Bandhu Karki is Hero of the world who is brodcasting the message of the peacein theworld.

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