Sunday, October 5, 2008

As yet another testatment to the wisdom and good taste of my friends in Little Rock, they demonstrated their love for the art and handicrafts of Nepal by buying almost everything I brought back with me from my summer trip: felt purses and scarves from Manakamana; women purses from the Women's Skills Development Project in Pokhara, thangka paintings, Tibetan bead earrings, and beautiful cards made from Lokta paper!

A special shout out goes to fellow artists Judy Henderson, Jann Greenland, Michele Fox and Susan Strauss who participate in the sale and contributed a significant percentage of their take to the women of Nepal.

I'm excited that they gave enough money to so that I can recycle some back to the women's cooperatives, begin work on a website for Manakamana, pay my great friend Sudip for his work on the ground in Nepal, and purchase some more products to keep this great cycle of giving going.

I return to Nepal on November 1st and am there for six weeks on another buying and business exploration trip. Stay tuned for the date of the next sale of fabulous Nepali products!

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  1. Russ Swearingen said...
    Excellent! Congrats on the success! Sad that I was out of town during the sale.

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