Saturday, November 15, 2008

One piece of advice that you receive when you are new to a foreign country is "never turn down an invitation." I would add to that: "pay attention to serendipitous moments" and connections that lead to connections than lead to connections when you are working in a country the size of Arkansas.

As I was walking (hmmm...I'm beginning to notice that all good things happend to me when I am walking attention America!!!) through Thamel last weekend I had a conversation with a very cute 8 year old girl named Sophie. Later that day, as I was walking back home, Sophie and her Mom were walking in front of me and her Mom invited me to dinner and asked for my mobile number. Later her husband called me (because of better English), to set up the dinner. As it turns out, he is a pianist and has invited me to a concert tomorrow (Sunday) at the British school...jazz and classical. Last evening I met Prabin for refreshments and found him to be wonderful company. We talked music and politics and culture and lifestyles.

Did I mention that I love Nepal?

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