Saturday, November 15, 2008

Visit with Indra

Today I am very lucky because one of my favorite things happened...a visit with Indra!!!

I have been suffering with a cold from the last 3-4 days (as has Sudip, Janesha and everyone else I know!) but decided to get out and walk to Thamel to the wireless cafe to catch up on email. Luckily I ran in to Raju and Indra as they were entering the READ Nepal office so I came inside to work here.

Indra and I had a "brainstorming" session about ideas to help the people of Nepal. It was GREAT!!!

By the way, here is the site of another great NGO working in Nepal: Indra worked with them and also Heifer project sites before coming to READ.

The other fun thing we did today was to set up Indra's blog:
Teaching blog development...another form of public service? ;-)


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