Saturday, November 15, 2008

I’m here in Nepal trying on the dream: a chance to blend my love of art, craft, women and empowerment by exploring and working with women’s craft cooperatives. This photo has two cups of tea (Nepali milk tea) and not Three Cups of Tea like the bestselling book but the principles are the same. I had been sitting in at the retail storefront of Manakamana Handicraft Udyog (factory in Nepalese) and chatting with Krishna Sedhain, owner. For those of you who bought the wonderful felt bags, scarfs and purses from me upon my return, you’ll remember that I discovered this little store because Krishna’s laundry is upstairs and that is where I took my dirty clothes this summer.

Annnnnyhow, Krishna and I shared the prerequisite tea before business sitting on the little stools that are ubiquitous in Nepal. (I mean UBIQUITOUS.) This time I am excited that not only am I purchasing items and filling orders, I am creating new designs that the women will then produce. Also on this trip, I will be visiting the factory (ouch, can I call it production center please) to meet the women and assess the environment. I’ll file a report on that trip later.


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